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What is the Line Back principle and how can it help you reach your goal?

In the manufacturing world, the goal always is finding efficiency (savings), as the market constantly drives value and competition. Previously, I’ve blogged about outsourcing and the savings it can bring when moving non-core activities to suppliers who have this expertise.

But the question may be how do I know what to outsource from my manufacturing process to help me meet my goal?

This is where the Line Back Principle comes in, as it is exactly what it says it is. The definition is “starting at the work station, plan all supporting sub-processes right back to the origin.” When this is applied with LEAN thinking, processes are optimized, including logistically. When a non-value added movement or jobs are found in your current process, develop a plan to change how, who, and/or when this is being done. Cost analysis repeatedly show that allowing your human capital to focus on the core of your business frees up time and energy; thereby increasing efficiency and bring savings. (The GOAL)

The logistic benefits can be two-fold, as waste can be eliminated from line side and in transit. This can have positive effects in the presentation of any components and in the workstation itself.

Why not take a GEMBA walk and see if the Line Back Principle can help you find savings in your processes or flow. At JBE, we specialize in outsourcing and our team can help you run a Line Back exercise to improve through put and eliminate waste. This may just be the score you need to reach your goooooaaaaal!