JBE Incorporated


Quality Policy

JBE, Inc. is committed to providing superior products and services to all customers while consistently satisfying their requirements and expectations. We will conduct our business based on a Quality Management System that complies with the ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 standards and with the highest level of professionalism, training, and innovation.

Quality Management

JBE realizes that the key to the management of quality lies in philosophy, objectives, and organization structure. Our philosophy forms the primary policy and includes the broad principles common to good-quality programs. Our objectives are clearly stated in specific terms and provide operating policies which guide the activity of the quality program. Our organizational structure clearly defines lines of authority and responsibility for quality from top management down to the operating levels.

We embrace total quality management by looking for ways to demonstrate continuous improvement. We track our quality along with setting reasonable goals to improve quality.

We measure our processes statistically (ie: Gantt charts, X-bar and R charts, sampling plans, fishbone etc).

Quality Data

Methodologies that we use to drive better quality internally and externally through the supply are as follows:

  • Mini Tabs
  • 8D (Root Cause analysis) internal and external
  • PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)
  • Poke Yoke Concepts
  • Lean Manufacturing / Kaizen Events / Six Sigma Projects
  • Monthly Score Carding