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3 Reasons Why Reshoring Costs Less Than you Think

Reshoring is a good thing and is often less expensive than manufacturing overseas. Reshoring is the act of reintroducing domestic manufacturing to a country. It is the reverse process of offshoring, where manufacturing is moved to another country where labor is cheaper. Manufacturing Overseas includes Hidden Fees When companies decide to offshore production, they often simply…
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Factory Overhead Costs – How to Reduce them!

The Truth about Reducing Factory Overhead Costs & Burden Factory overhead costs otherwise known as factory burden are mainly indirect labor and other indirect costs such as quality, management, material sourcing, and cost of the operating space, i.e. electricity, hvac, etc. In the world of manufacturing, high overhead has a huge effect on profit margin…
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JBE Inc. to expand into Berkeley County

The investment is expected to create 20 new jobs in Hanahan, S.C. COLUMBIA, S.C. –JBE, Inc., a supplier to the automotive, aerospace, and industrial electrical industries, today announced its decision to expand into the City of Hanahan in Berkeley County. The investment is expected to create approximately 20 new jobs in the Charleston region. As…
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