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What is the Line Back principle and how can it help you reach your goal?

In the manufacturing world, the goal always is finding efficiency (savings), as the market constantly drives value and competition. Previously, I’ve blogged about outsourcing and the savings it can bring when moving non-core activities to suppliers who have this expertise. But the question may be how do I know what to outsource from my manufacturing…
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TIME MANGEMENT – Efficiency vs. Multitasking – Which is More Efficient?

In today's busy world, multitasking is all too common. Juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities might seem like the best way to get a lot done. I often see "multitasker" listed as a professional description on résumés and profiles on social networking sites. In fact, I have described myself as a great multitasker. But as I…
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A Problem is your BEST Opportunity to Showcase Customer Service

When you are in sales, sooner or later you are going to receive a call that will really scare you. On the line will be a really good customer letting you know that your company has made a grave mistake and the normal means for resolution have failed thus far. The temptation could be to…
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3 Critical Business Goals for your New Year

As another new year breaks in and we all start looking ahead and setting goals, I find that a moment of reflection is good. It’s good to look back at any learning moments you experienced and add them to your base of knowledge. Was there an issue or situation you need to make sure to…
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